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Photo Gallery

July 4th Parade 2013 July 4th Parade 2013 Deb White and Stephanie Maxwell McAdam 182292727 182292726 182292728 182292730 Gathering before the parade 182292729 Still gathering 182292731 The end of the parade 182292732 Waiting to begin... 182496045 Jim Lucas and Debbie Roth Thomas 182496046 Gathering for the parade... Thanks to the "Old Farts and Carts" guys ahead of us in line for taking this pic! 182496047 DeAnn Mapes and Michelle Stites 182496049 A bit sunny out that morning! 182496050 Debbie Roth Thomas 182496051 Rex Evans and Mark DePhillips-Pre-parade 182496052 Waiting... 182496053 An waiting... We seem to gather much earlier than in years past! 182496054 Candy walkers! 182496055 Not sure what we are looking at... 182496056