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Photo Gallery

Wednesday July 3, 2013 at Stormy's Wednesday July 3, 2013 at Stormy's LeAnn Argenta Eckhart, LeeAnn Bentler Jones and LeeAnne Morris Lee 182292474 Deb White, Martha Oxenford Noah and Stephanie Maxwell McAdam 182292475 Rex Evans and Larry Stevens 182292476 De Ann and Gary Mapes and Mark DePhillips 182292477 Jim Lucas and Vicky Kennedy Springer 182292478 LeeAnn Bentler Jones, LeAnn Argenta Eckhart, Claudia Duncan McGrath, Sherry Seward Gomis and Dan Schmidt 182292479 Pam Smith Krueger and Joan 182292480 Claudia Duncan McGrath, LeAnn Argenta Eckart and Bob Albright 182292481 182496118 Stephanie Maxwell McAdam and Linda Biermann Hoobin 182496119 Claudia Duncan McGrath and Sherry Seward Gomis 182496120